Making the Right move – Shipping Household Goods Simplified

New job, new home, new business and there arises the need to relocate. Gosh! I have just set up this house, making it a home and now I need to move!!! Moving of good is a service that is intangible. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you choose a freight service offered by multiple shipping companies who offer LTL freight shipping as well as truck load shipping options.

The truck arriving on time is of prime importance. If the truck arrives late, it may majorly upset your travel plans or the real estate transaction. A shipping company that has their own fleet of trucks and drivers should be chosen. This ensures that if one truck or van breakdown or gets delayed due to any reason, the shipping company will immediately dispatch another vehicle so as to reach you on the decided time. Truck breakdowns and delay is the problem of the freight company, not yours.

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You have spent a lot of your money on purchasing your belongings. A shipping company that has a reputation of safely delivering your goods should be selected. A professional company will have their own safety compliance regulations to ensure that truckload shipment reaches you safely. A good shipping company will ensure that your goods are delivered in the same condition in which they were loaded.

As most of us working, it is necessary to have the option of scheduled delivery of the household goods. Scheduled delivery of the goods makes it convenient for you to reset the home and avoid heavy expenses on meals and stay at hotels.

Pricing for moving the household goods varies from company to company. Some shipping agencies charge as per the weight, while some charge as per the volume, that is the amount of space your goods will occupy on the vehicle.

Tips for safely shipping of household goods

Whether you use the truckload shipping service or LTL freight shipping offered by any freight service company, here are a few tips to keep your goods safe.

  • Make out a list of stuff you need to ship and another list of stuff you do not want to ship.
  • Order professional moving boxes to pack the stuff and protect the shipment.
  • Wrap the fragile stuff in bubble wrap.
  • Stuff each box in such a manner that there should be no place for the stuff to move in there. You can use air packets or thermocol or any other stuffing in the spaces if any.
  • Number each box and make a list of articles that are packed into it. Put one copy in a folder and one copy of the list in the box.
  • Strap up the boxes with utility rope so they do not open in transit.
  • When stacking in the truck, pack them high and tight and again ensure they are secured so unlikely to move during transit.

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