Save more and deliver on time with LTL shipping services

Most of us face difficulties when we need to send less than a truckload of goods. The goods we need to transport may be too big for a parcel and too small for a truckload. If we decide to send it by truck, freight that is charged by most shipping companies is for a full truckload or FTL. Our consignment being less than a truck load or LTL, either we book the material onto a truck where the waiting time is unscheduled and no firm date of delivery time either as the transit period depends upon the truck getting loaded and then leaving the warehouse.

Benefits of LTL shipping

  1. Reduces costs

Freight that weighs more than 150 lbs, but less than 20,000 lbs can be sent as partial truck load which is merged with other consignments to complete the full truck load. This freight is shipped at a fraction of the full truckload cost as an LTL freight shipping process includes many shipments from various shippers. Every shipper pays for the part of the trailer space they occupy in the pool.

  1. Increased security

Shipment is loaded on pallets and protected from wear and tear during handling and the likelihood of the package being lost during transit. Lesser handling of the goods results in lesser damage and loss.

  1. Additional LTL shipping options

LTL not only saves cost in comparison to full truckload shipping, but also lets the shipper access services like Liftgates, notification options and pick up and delivery from inside. All the freight is billed at a fixed rate on the basis of the weight of the shipment.

  1. Easy tracking

As shipment is highly time-sensitive, reputed truckload shipping companies that provide LTL shipping services provide an estimated delivery time as they have the ability to track the shipment.

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