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All your goods should reach its destination in the state it was at the origin. Shipping and freight services are offered by many shipping companies. Freight is classified into full truck load or less than a truck load. The term commonly used in the shipping industry is “LTL” and “FTL”. It is not necessary that you will need to ship a full truckload, FTL of good. Smaller shipments averaging 100 lbs or more, that fills up a part of the truck is what you pay for. LTL freight shipping is the most beneficial option for businesses that require to ship smaller volumes of goods.

Freight Solutions JMT FREIGHT

Freight Solutions JMT FREIGHT

Many different companies offer LTL freight shipping services. Which is the best shipping company for freight is the biggest question on the mind of every business owner. Here are a few pointers to help you choose the company offering freight services.

  • Nationwide network coverage.
  • Handle billing and payments.
  • Handle claims in case of accidents.
  • Well trained and dedicated drivers to handle the consignment.
  • Manage the time, so as to transfer the consignment to the next carrier.
  • Safely loading and unloading of cargo either manually or with fork lifts.
  • Tracking the consignment.
  • Streamline the consignment so that there is minimal time lag.
  • On time delivery of goods.
  • A company with own fleet of trucks will offer a better prices for LTL shipping.
  • The option to pick up your consignment as per your schedule.
  • Dedicated staff to handle your account, which ensures smooth delivery of your LTL.

What you should know about LTL shipping?

  • All trucking companies offering LTL services have a base rate. Get the quotes for the consignment weight that you want to send. The final pricing also depends upon the origin and distance.
  • Freight is classified into classes ranging from class 50 to class 500. The lower class means your freight is of lower risk so lower shipping rates.
  • As per National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA), freight is classified up on density, handling, liability and stowability.
    • Density: means the strength of the package and its resistance to impacts.
    • Handling: how easy it is for workers to load, unload the goods.
    • Liability: dangerous items or valuable items for which insurance is often purchased.
    • Stowability: whether the goods are regular shaped that can be stacked or unusual shape that are harder to stack and take up more space, which may require special consideration.

If your consignment is too large to be sent as a parcel, and too small to book a complete truckload, LTL freight shipping is the best solution for you. You as a business house benefit when you use the LTL freight services. The trucking company combines shipments from various business houses to fill the truck and deliver the goods to the destinations. LTL shipping is the most efficient way to send your goods at a fraction of the cost.

Logistic efficiency can make or break a business. JMT freight offers the best prices and safe handling of your precious part shipment. Contact JMT now to get the best quote your LTL consignment, hand over the consignment and you are free to concentrate on your core business as JMT will ensure your consignment reaches its destination on time.

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